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Would it be smart to listen to Jimmy Carter?

Ok, how many think Jimmy Carter is a great man? I mean besides OBL, who has endorsed 2 of his "books". I don't think our young president wants to go down the racist road, not now anyway. Recently I received a bunch of DC photos from another local newspaper that didn't want to run them, (I have three on my front page) possibly because of Jimmy's remarks. I must admit it makes me nervous also. The term racist is being thrown around freely and no one wants to have it thrown at them. I only ran three and chose them carefully from the 20 or 30 others, some of which were blatent, to minimize the incoming fire!

The next few weeks will be important in the health care debate. In my last editorial I mentioned the part that trust plays, you know, having the pols take the same plan they fashion for us. Not a similiar plan but the same plan. Most of my feedback has been, it will never happen! I didn't hear from my friend Marvo on the above. Maybe he agrees?

We are starting to hear some carping from our young president's core supporters on the Afghan war and I'm sure he is feeling the heat. Is it a quagmire for us as it was for the Brits, the Ruskies, and every other country who has tried something there? George Will thinks so, right Marvo.

What do his core supporters think about the devasting attacks he is carrying out with the drones and the hell fire missles up on the Afghan/Pakistan border? These are very effective and were started by George W. Bush and continued by President Obama.

What about the recent letter signed by many former CIA leaders warning of the dangers of not using Exteme Measures (torture) to get the truth about attack plans that could kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in our cities. The arrests in NY of Muslims with backpacks and bomb making directions have been all over the news, even CBS! I wonder if Obama has read any of Vince Flynn's books? Maybe! W.C.


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