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How much longer will Obama's base permit the "Drones" to fly?

The George W. Bush strategies of the relentless Drone attacks and a surge in Afganistan are paying off. Read this editorial photo.jpgshort exerpt from recent events: "PESHAWAR,
Pakistan (Reuters) - The United States said on Sunday the evidence was "pretty conclusive" that Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud is dead, while a senior Taliban commander denied reports of infighting among its leaders.
The White House had earlier said it could not confirm the Pakistan government's claims that Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud had been killed by a CIA drone.
Who would have dreamed that a liberal Democratic President would have that type of thing said about him? Sooner or later the Base (ultra liberal anti-war groups) will become more aware of these Obama actions and attempt to rein him in. They are already upset with delays in Iraq withdrawals and the growing feeling that Gitmo will never be closed but the Drone killings could snap the straw.
The continuation of the Bush toughness on this front is the only thing our new young President is doing right so we can only hope that he will not bow to the pressure.
However, he is becomming more and more frustrated as his political capital drains away, as reflected by the lower poll approval numbers.
The heavy handed spending has brought the GOP back from the ashes and sometime in the next few months the 2012  contender will begin to emerge. I, for one hope it's someone new! W.C.


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