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Why the Stimulus isn’t working well!





The liberal's favorite newspaper (NY Times) and their favorite columnist (Maureen Dowd) actually made this remark, "And he's truly mad that trusts in the promise of a presidential candidate to quell earmarks." And yes, Marvo, some of those earmarks came from Republicans such as Texas' own Kay Bailey. Thousands and thousands of earmarks (see pile behind donkey) were shamelessly attached to the bill that was supposed to save our country. Dowd said they totaled $7.7 Billion in pure pork, of the $410 Billion Bill signed by the young president Obama. The math says it's only 1.9% of the total and surely we can afford just a little pork . That is the way the Obama supporters spun it in the Government Media. Notice the flies!
We will know very soon (by year's end) if we can afford it. W.C.
Go to our site (hlrgazette.com) and do a search on Dowd to read her whole column.
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