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Commissioner's Court

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Wood County Commissioners Court
Approved $629,893 total of monthly payroll & accts. payable claims...
By Wilson Crabtree

Meeting in regular session Friday, July 10, Wood County Commissioners Court took 3 Personnel Actions involving: Bobby Collinsworth-Grade Step 8-2 to 8-3 Road & Bridge Precinct 3, John Wright- Grade 8-2 Road & Bridge Precinct #3, Walter Cassity-Solid Waste Attendant #3-USV SWMD.
They Then approved monthly County Payroll of $276,096.55 and Accounts Payable claims of $353,797.08
The Court heard requests on desired changes to the platt of Flying "W" Subdivision. There was no opposition by those present.
Approved bid from Equipment Support Services for $38,250 for a used backhoe for Precinct I, a Case 580 M.
Opened bids from Mobile Communications Services for Public and Dispatch radio upgrades but no approval was was made and the vendor then recended his bid.
Approved a new admendment to the purchasing policy that The State of Texas had put forward where the threshhold for bids was raised from $25,000 to $50,000.
Approved the Treasurer's report.
Approved reports from Precinct Constables, Steve Bowser, Gary Dixon and J.L. Pennington.
Approved the Order of Assignment to the 402nd District Court of the Honorable Senior Judge of the 294th District Court, Richard Davis. This assignment will be for a period of 5 days begining 7-28-09 or longer.
Approved the renewal contract for On Site Septic Facility Representative, Russell Acker, OS0019879. Same fees will prevail: Single family $265, multifamily and commercial $450 and re-inspection $150.
Approved a Pauper burial request for James Michael Gower, Hawkins, TX, from Beaty Funeral Home in the amount of $375.
Approved of Wood County Elections Administrator, Dawn Goldthorn's choice of EA Election Administrators EA Pollbook and EA Pollbook Data Converter. Software cost $18,000, Annual license fee $3,600, 26 lap tops @ 375 each = $9,750. With the accessories for all 26 and the shippine ect. the hardware total is $20,110.
Approved a right of entry permit for Precinct IV for removal of excess concrete fill material.
A special meeting of the court can be called with 72-hour public notice.


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