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Dash of Pepper

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Obama overexposed
The Gazette Staff

Two or three weeks ago, I began to grow weary of the relentless daily diet of President Obama's public appearances. It seems he is all over the news channels 24/7.
There are the frequent Rose garden and White House appearances, and ceremonials and signings. Then there are the outings with Joe Biden for hamburgers with the common folk, and the date night coverage with Michelle, and the president at his kid's soccer game, and the endless foreign coverage in Cairo and photo ops with the president of France, and on and on it goes.
Enough already! I wondered if other people were also thinking that the president is getting overexposed. But the broadcast networks are still going full tilt with their worshipful coverage of The One and his personal popularity is still fairly high although he seems to be losing support on specific issues.
Nevertheless, as someone who didn't vote for Mr. Obama, I figured I was probably out of step with at least half the nation in feeling he is being overexposed. Frankly, I wasn't upset about it as this can be a real political liability.
Then, lo and behold, a member of the Leftie celebrity establishment spoke out last week on the West Coast and said exactly what I had been thinking and I think he really was upset.
Comedian Bill Maher, citing the many appearances day after day that I have mentioned above, worried about the damage of overexposure. If he is saying this publicly, then others on the Left are saying it privately.
Also, I've noticed a slight change in Obama's tone of voice. It now has an authoritarian edge and seems a bit "preachy." I think, also, that the frequent use of the word "must" in his overseas speeches probably rankled some listeners.
Maher also voiced another concern that occurred to me, namely, if the president is playing the role of cheerleader-in-chief every day, who in the White House is actually making the policy decisions?
It's not that things aren't being done. One wishes they would do less, a whole lot less. The government is now up its neck in banking, insurance, the auto industry and casting its eye on our healthcare. If Obama was simply a "celebrity president" - that would be one thing. But someone in this administration is calling some serious shots and, in my view, doing some possibly irreparable harm to our economy and our future as a nation.
One thing is certain: There is no surrogate for Obama. Vice President Biden steps in deep doo-doo every time he opens his mouth - he simply can't help it. House Speaker Pelosi and Senate leader Harry Reid are at an all-time low in popularity. Press Secretary Gibbs has all the charisma of a bubble gum machine, I can't think of any other faces in the cabinet that the public would recognize and political operatives like James Carville are distinctly unappealing
But the Mainstream Press will continue to laud this undistinguished bunch and I suppose the media circus will continue unabated.


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