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Holly Lake Water Rates- Report #4

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Holly Lake Water Rates
Bob Adams makes his 4th report to
Gazette readers
We have received answers to many of our questions.We had a conference call with the water company's Dallas office on June 9. The two people we had go over the n umbers supplied to us by the water company said that nothing seemed to be unwarranted but numbers are numbers. Several things were discussed on the phone but at this time most of the items are being digested and considered by the water company and I would be premature in divulging them at this time. I will let you know as soon as we have confirmation of a yes or a no to their implementation. They have to do with service and future considerations.
One answer was to our question about overhead storage . They said we would not get overhead storage until 400 more connections were made here at Holly Lake Ranch. That is their number with no reason given.
Another answer was that they are willing to use a different rate structure for this increase. They gave us some numbers which were higher than I wanted but it is start. The new stucture would involve lowering the minimum and considerably increasing the variable(cost per 1000 gal). Like I said, I did not like the numbers but we must digest them now.
We will also be in a holding pattern until the TCEQ moves along. I talked to the TCEQ on June 1 and the people responsible for the determination of the rate increase still had not received the paperwork. They were impressed with the number of protest letters they received. I will be calling them again the third week of June for an update. Once they get the paperwork and go over the figures we will be in a position to go forward with a different rate structure.
Also our administration(Rob James) sent a letter to the TCEQ requesting a change of venue if a pretest hearing is needed. He requested the hearing be held in Tyler. We do not have an answer yet.
The adminstration and our B board have been very helpful and active in this whole procedure. Please thank them. Bob Adams
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