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Comment on Tire situation

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Some background and thoughts on this tire matter...

     The citizens of Hawkins, TX. don't deserve all of this and certainly the City can't afford to pay for it. This newspaper has published several stories over the three + years (one  shown below) that the tire saga has gone on and they all can be found on the paper's website hlrgazette.com by doing a search on the "word tires".
     The Gazette has the only searchable website for a Wood County newspaper and it contains content doing back to 2005, and hopefully we can make more available soon that will go back even further. We hope that many or you will take advantage of our offer to become regular Gazette subscribers that is shown on the colored postcard inserted in this copy of the paper. W.C.


mayor sam loads conveyor.jpg

Re-printed from 2-3-07 Gazette issue

Hawkins hard working Mayor, Sam Bradley, loads the first tires to be shredded on Thursday January 25, 2007. (This photo was furnished to the Gazette by Foster & Sons Scrap Tire Service)
1) Foster & Porter LLC dba Foster and Sons Scrap Tire Service has currently 13 full time employees & over the next 2 to 6 months will hire an additional 10 to 20 employees.
2) Currently Foster & Porter LLC dba Foster and Sons Scrap Tire Service collects from $1800 to $2500 a month in sales tax and that will double if not triple in the upcoming months.
3) The shredder produces NO! dust or emissions and the noise that is produced is so minimal that while standing next to the operating shredder you can carry a full conversation.
4) The shredder will shred a maximum of 1500 passenger tires an hour.
5) A 53' tractor trailer holds about 1200 to 1500 passenger tires.
6) The current stock of tires will only last approx 4-5 weeks including daily incoming tires.
7) We currently are bringing in approx 450-500 tons per month and when the shredder is in full production the total will in increase eventually to 1500 to 2000 tons per month.
8) International Paper (one of their Customers) at one of their paper mills utilizes 35,000 lbs. of tire shreds per month for TDF (tire derived fuel). When mixed with coal and wood chips the tdf actually burns hotter and the coal burns cleaner reducing emissions compared to coal by itself. (source Foster & Sons)  There are several of these old tire articles on the Gazette website. To view all of them go to:  www.hlrgazette.com & do a search on tires.

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