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HL Water Rate Increase- Report #3

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Holly Lake Water Rates
Bob Adams makes his 3rd report to Gazette readers

We had our meeting with the water company on May 5th. The company president, a man from Toronto, Canada, their director of central operations and a couple of other people were present from the water company. They were interested in talking to us. Of the four water companies listed on this rate increase Holly Lake Ranch has more than 50% of the infrastructure. We had given them a list of questions prior to the meeting so they could give us good answers when we met. They did answer all the questions but of course the answers generated more questions. We are now waiting for answers to those questions. They have been slower in coming back to us this time. At this time we are still waiting.
We did discuss with them the customer makeup at Holly Lake Ranch and asked them if they would entertain a different rate structure increase.
We are waiting on that answer. You will see your water bills increase as has been outlined in the letter you received from them. It may take several months until we negotiate acceptable rates with them or we go through the protest hearings. The TCEQ must still check the rate increase viability. Protest hearings will not be scheduled until the TCEQ is ready. We have a couple of people going through the figures they gave us. They must also get answers to some questions.
I know many of you have snet letters or given them to the adminstration to mail. There has been a good response but if you have not sent one to the TCEQ please do so. The more letters they receive the more they will listen.
I know many of you are anxious and upset about this increase but it will take a little time to get through it all. I will keep the information coming as I get it. I want you to have good information so we must be patient. If you have any questions or want to discuss anything about the rate increase please contact me.
Bob Adams, 903-769-4469 (see related letter to editor on page 2 W.C.)

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