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Flooding 2009

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More than 7 inches reported


With many Holly Lake residents reporting seven inches and more in their rain gauges from a series of thunderstorms in the six hour period overnight Saturday May 2 into Sunday morning, flooding was inevitable. So, for the first time ever the emergency spillway on Lake Green briar was overtopped carrying thousands and thousands of gallons out of the Lake.
The water flowing over Holly Trail East at the archery range even prevented traffic from passing for several hours as Holly Lake Volunteer firemen manned the scene. Green briar Trail was also closed at the northeastern crossing of the upper end of the lake as the roadway and culvert was severely damaged.
Big Sandy Creek topped the bridge crossing on FM-49 at the northwestern corner of the Ranch blocking traffic there as well. And, for the first time since the "new" bridge and elevated approaches were built on FM-2869, water also overflowed that main traffic artery on Monday.
Several homes within the Ranch were reported to be flooded while the retail strip housing Holly Realty, The Golf Cart Ranch and other businesses was flooded.
Some damage was done to roads and culverts within the Ranch. Holly Lake Ranch's maintenance crew was called in on Sunday to start addressing those problems. Runoff from the golf course carried silt and sand onto adjoining property and streets. Ironically, a rebuilding project addressing this very problem on hole number 11 bordering homes on Holly Trail East has just begun and some of the fill material was washed away.
The Emergency Exit system again was called into service. Many drivers had to use the far northeastern emergency exit off Wildwood Trail to gain access to FM-49.
While some of the damage caused by the flooding will be addressed over the next several weeks, the flooding inconveniences to drivers and access to property was regained within a few hours.


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