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Lucky Rabbit

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Lucky Rabbit's Foot!!

Just when you think you have seen everything...
If you look close... there is a rabbit attached to the grill of this car. No, the couple did NOT put it there so there is no need to call out the authorities!
The couple was simply driving down the road here at HLR. Apparently the rabbit which was in the road, could not decide whether to go left or right to avoid the car. So the rabbit decided to follow it's instincts and jumped straight up and it managed to get it's foot caught in the grill of the car but could not get loose.
The ever handy HLR Security officer saw the man trying to remove the rabbit and came over to help. They had to raise the hood, remove some screws to loosen something and the security officer was able to gently take the rabbit in a towel over to the side of the road and it hopped away. One could truely say that this rabbit had a "lucky rabbits foot" and ... don't ever say there is not a cop (or security officer) around when you need one!
Thanks to Anita Prentiss, HLR, for this story.
Photo by Carolyn Oldfather.

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