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Holly Lake Water Rate- Report #2

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Bob Adams offers report #2 to Gazette readers

Not much has taken place since the last edition of this newspaper. We do have a meeting set up with water company people on Tuesday May 5, 2009. I, Bob Adams, have met with our B board twice and we have come up with a number of questions we need answered and have sent them to the water company so they can give us intelligent answers when we meet instead of "we will get back to you".
I have talked to the TCEQ in Austin and not much information was forthcoming because the rate increase paperwork had not reached the lawyer and engineer assigned to this case. It must first be approved by some other personnel that it conforms to their criteria as a rate change. They suggested I call at the end of May and they would have more information. I did talk to them about a petition and they said a petition is acceptable but their are strict criteria for that also. So you can go through all that work and have the petition thrown out. They do like letters better even if they are form letters because they feel the protestors are more involved. They also told me they had received 30 letters. This was on April 22. They did say I could call and keep up with the number letters they have received. Many things must be discussed and resolved but nothing will happen if you do not get your letters sent in. Do not wait for someone else, get yours sent in! Form letters can be obtained at the administration office or the main security office.
The water company is flying people, including the president of the company, from Arizona. They are interested in talking to us. Our "B" Board will be there but not as a board. Because we are not incorporated we cannot, as a community, regulate their rates. I will be there along with our administrator and a Silver Leaf representative.
I have talked to a number of people about this and I know all of you have questions and most are upset with the increase. We will do our very best for you and do our best to keep the increase to a minimum. I am sure there will be an increase in the rate but I hope to get them restructured and reduced. I will keep you informed in our available media and you can talk to me anytime.
I still do not have anyone who can check their books out. I have someone who can do it to some extent but we need more expertise. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their community. Thanks, Bob Adams, HLR.

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