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Dog Pack Attacks

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Packs of dogs have made two known attacks on people in Ranch area

Charles and Betty Starkey were out in their back yard Friday afternoon, April 17, and noticed a large group of dogs in the woods near by. Their property adjoins the Wilderness Area in Section One at 405 Quail Run. About 6 to 8 multicolored barking dogs begin to come out of the woods and to rush them. Betty made it to the house but terrified, Charles saw that he wouldn't make it before the dogs reached him and grabbed a rake and started to swing it wildly toward the lead dog and it seemed to work. The dogs retreated back to the woods. Charles then called HLR Security. He also called the Sheriff's department and Sheriff Wainsley called him back on Saturday.
They discussed a similar attack made on Laverne Bailey, on 4025 CR 3540, on March 30, 2009, near the HLR Airport in Hawkins. Mr. Bailey was injured by his attack and Sheriff Wainsley and his officers came out and set traps for the dogs following that attack.
The Starkeys are concerned also for their grandkids who play in those same woods when they visit the Ranch.

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