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HISD- Board of Trustees

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Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees
Gym graphics approved;
Hot water storage increased


Meeting in regular session on Monday, April 6, the board of trustees of the Hawkins Independent School District approved design plans for the graphics to be applied to the school's new athletic gymnasium and accepted the recommendation of the architect and the general contractor to install a 250-gallon hot-water storage tank in the gymnasium.
Board members Wende Haney and Steven Holland presented design plans for graphics that have been developed by Sharla Parsons under the direction of a committee established at the last meeting of the board. Mock-ups of the drawings were reviewed by the board and approved at a cost of $6,270. A large (12-feet-x-15 feet) Hawk with the Texas and American flags will be placed on the north wall. "Hawk Country" will be place on the wall across the top of the visitors seats and an Alma Mater banner will will appear on the north wall left of the scoreboard. Another Hawk head will be placed in the commons area of the High School. Parsons plans to complete the work during Spring Break, April 13-17.
Brice Davis of Thacker-Davis Architects and David Detten of WRL General Contractors presented an update on progress toward completion of the punch list process addressing problems related to the $15-million construction and renovation program. The pair recommended and received board approval to install a 250-gallon hot water storage tank to increase the capacity of the hot-water system originally installed in the gymnasium. This additional work will be done at no cost to the school district. They also recommended a smoke test during Spring Break to determine the source of leaking sewer gas being emitted into the elementary school. The board approved payment of $7,460.45 for moisture testing programs on the concrete floors of existing buildings conducted early on in the construction program. Two billings for the services provided by a sub-contractor were erronously left off the application for payment. Davis also recommended the release of approximately $650,000 of the standard retainage held by the district to reflect the progess by the contractors on punch list issues. Approximately $100,000 would remain in the funding to cover unresolved punch list items. No formal action was taken by the board on that request.
The board also discussed two issues upon which no action was taken. Board member Steven Holland placed an item on the agenda regarding extra duty pay for coaches and other employees. The board asked the administration for a report regarding such pay for consideration at future meetings. Board President Edwin Simmons placed an item on the agenda regarding the district's policy on student eligiblity for participation in graduation exercises. A recently passed state law permits students who have successfully completed the academic requirements of a school distirct can participate in graduation even if they have not passed the final TAKS test for completion of state requirements. Again, no action was taken, but the issue will be considered prior to the 2010 school year.
The board took no action on two items-the Superintendents goals and a complaint against an employee-that were discussed during a closed session.
In other matters, the board
- approved the consent agenda including March 2009 meeting minutes, a contract with audit firm, Rutherford, Taylor & Co. P.C., Worker's Compensation Coverage, and designation of Superintendent to Region VII advisory committee.
- reviewed and accepted the interim financial report.
- reviewed a report from Wood County regarding tax collections ($8,122,138.23 or 95.38 percent).
- reviewed interim enrollment report which reflected a net loss of 30 students through the 5th six-week period.
The next regular meeting of the Hawkins ISD board is scheduled for Monday, May 4 at 7 p.m. A special meeting of the board may be held with 72-hour advance public notice.


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