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Russ Bruner letter

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Russ Bruner letter

Once again Russ Bruner has agreed to serve our community as the leader of the Garden Club. He came over to personally deliver this letter and to share his ideas on a new column that will be called "Oh Deer" and will provide more data on our deer situation here at Holly Lake Ranch. The Gazette is simply providing a public forum for the discussion. The first "Oh Deer" col. appears on page 14. W.C.

Dear Editor,
Jeanette and I first moved here ten years ago. One of the beauties we first noticed were the deer we would occasionally see. "Oh, look at the deer over there," (one or two deer). Now we say, "Look at that deer herd." (thirteen or fourteen),(OK, a lot more). We have even seen small herds of young bucks.
We like to see the deer. I don't mind that people feed the deer. I will not feed the deer personally because I am a gardener. The rule is that deer will eat anything. When deer population is sparse, there are actually a lot of garden plants they prefer not to eat. Knowing that enabled me to garden within loose limits and still enjoy the deer. When the deer population becomes dense, as it is now, deer begin to eat, not nibble, plants they would normally leave alone. In my yard, they are eating ivy, Indian Hawthorn and camellias which they never touched until now. This will be a challenging year for gardeners on the Ranch.
I have been elected again to be president of the Holly Gardeners. Having seen the change in the threat that the deer present over the years just to the gardeners, I have decided that it is time to begin a dialogue about the deer on the Ranch.
Let me explain what a dialogue is. Webster says: "a talking together; interchange and discussion of ideas, especially when open and frank as in seeking mutual understanding or harmony."
I can figure out ways to discourage the deer in my garden, but I am also concerned about any resident or visitor being gored by one of those big bucks during rut.
I believe it is good for all of us to be well informed BEFORE we have to make any serious decisions about the deer on the Ranch.
At the Holly Gardener meetings, we will be discussing ways to discourage deer from entering our gardens, what happens when deer overpopulate, among other deer related topics. We will be exchanging deer stories. Later in the year, we plan to have someone from the Texas Department of Wildlife come talk to us. We will continue to seek ways to get information out to as many people on the Ranch as we can. Holly Gardeners will not take a position in this discussion. That remains personal.
If you have concerns about deer in your landscape and garden, and more, come join us on the last Tuesday of the month through May, then September and October. The month of March, we will meet March 31 at the Chamblee's Rose Nursery on Highway 69 just north of Tyler. April and May the Gardeners will be back at the Hall on the Ranch.
Russ Bruner
President, Holly Gardeners

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