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Scatter Shooting in the Blackie Sherrod tradition.

In the last issue, I hinted that we might be near a btm. in the stock market, and we have been almost straight up since, to yesterday's (Monday 3-23-09) 500 point surge. Many investors obviously are pleased with our government's willingness to throw the "checkbook" at the problem and are buying stocks in a frenzy.
The Fed announced, on 60 mimutes, how easily it can print money and then promptly did so in massive amounts, by purchasing new U.S. debt issues to the tune of over a trillion dollars.Watch it, the green ink is still wet. It was necessary to "print" when the normal buyers of our debt (China?) balked. The Fed is gambling that there is enough slack in our economy to absorb all those dollars without inflation. Watch the price of Gold to track this. W.C.

Our new President gets an "A" from me for his continuing Bush policies designed to protect us from our enemies (al-Qaeda and the Taliban) with the fierce and effective Drone attacks across the Afghanistan border into Pakistan. We (the Gazette) might have to give Barack the nickname of "Cowboy" just like other media members gave Bush when he shot from the hip. Obama also recently announced new major troop commitments to our forces in Afghnistan which are going to put him under fire from his liberal anti-war base. I, for one, applaud him for taking the heat and fully concur with his moves. What this means is that ever since Barack started seeing the same security briefings that Bush did, he is responding just like Bush did and would.
However, he gets an F for permitting the 9,000 earmarks with no fight in the Stimulus Bill. He also gets an F for the massive new spending and tax increases included in his new budget. W.C.

I commend President Russ Bruner (HL Gardeners) for stepping up to the plate on the deer situation on the Ranch. I read his letter carefully and I hope that we all will do so before jumping to conclusions. We need a "discussion of ideas" as Russ said in his letter. It took courage to write that letter to the Gazette and to ask for it to be published. W.C.

Next Friday morning (3-27-09) I go into the hospital for surgery on my right neck artery (Carotid) and expect to be home on Saturday, God willing. I ask for your prayers. W.C.

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