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Former Sheriff Daugherty loses federal lawsuit

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Former Wood County Sheriff Dwaine Daugherty has lost a federal lawsuit stemming from his handling of a raid on the "Cowboy Cantina," a bar in northwest Wood County.
The federal jury found Daugherty subjected Chandra Rae Jimenez to an unreasonable search after she was arrested during the raid four years ago. The jury also said Daugherty's conduct was motivated by "evil motive or intent or reckless or callous indifference" to Jimenez's rights.
Jimenez was reportedly awarded $55,000 for mental anguish and $5,000 in punitive damages.
The case stemmed from a raid at the business on the night it opened. Jimenez' husband reportedly owned the start-up bar and Chandra along with others arrested were transported to the Wood County Jail where the search occurred.

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