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Phillips and Aronspeer named GOP Volunteers of the Year 2008

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Sullivan tells Republicans "Reconnect, Reclaim and Restore."
Keynote speaker Michael Quinn Sullivan had a clear message for county Republicans, as they celebrated their annual Lincoln Day Dinner February 12th.
Sullivan spoke of the state of the conservative movement and prescribed "three R's" for success.
He stated that Republicans need to reconnect with their ideological heritage. "The past decade, our Party has campaigned on our principles and governed from the Left." Recalling Obama's campaign speeches, Sullivan said the Democrat talked about tax cuts, cutting waste, fraud and abuse and strong families. "Obama campaigned on our principles - and he won!"
He also said that Republicans must reclaim their optimism. "We present ourselves as anti-tax, anti-abortion, and so forth ... instead of emphasizing what we are for."
The third "R", he said, is to restore trust. "We have to show the public that we can be trusted to be in charge." He urged conservatives to pay attention to local offices, including school boards. At the state level, he stressed two policy areas - transparency in government and getting ride of property taxes. Sullivan pointed out that millions of dollars were saved after state expenditures were put online for the public to see. Citizens sent in suggestions for saving money and some of these worked.
He added that "property taxes erode home ownership." He said, "You don't own your property, you rent it. If you don't believe that, just try not paying your property tax and see what happens."
Sullivan opened his presentation by praising State Representatives Bryan Hughes, who is a Mineola native. Sullivan stated that Hughes is "easily one of the best members in the Texas House." Sullivan is president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the group that awarded Hughes their Texas Taxpayer Hero Award for 2008.
The Wood County Republicans named Sara Phillips of Yantis and Terrell Aronspeer of Quitman as their 2008 Volunteers of the Year. Phillips is a precinct chair, treasurer of the county Republican Party, an election judge and the membership chair for the Republican Women of Wood County.
Aronspeer gave countless volunteer hours to the Party's county headquarters during election year 2008 and was recently elected president of the Lake Country Republicans.
Over 120 people turned up at the Mineola Civic Center to celebrate the 200th birthday of the nation's 16th president.

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