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 Obama's main job is to protect America and that means no attacks at home.

In my last Editorial (1-31-09 issue) I called for support of our newly elected President Obama. I pointed out that he had quickly followed through on a campaign promise by signing an Executive Order to close Gitmo within a year. No plan with any details, just close it within one year. I then went out on a limb and predicted that the closing would never happen! Obama realizes that there have been no attacks on American Soil since 911, a period of over eight years, and he doesn't want an attack to occur on his watch! He also understands that the American people will be watching closely how his record compares with "W's" on preventing future attacks on American soil. Over 50% of the major intelligence breaks during that eight year period resulted from "Gitmo styled techniques" whether done there or in other countries on our behalf. The President's job is to protect America and Gitmo is well suited to helping us do it. The new President has also impressed me with his decision to continue the Bush plan of sending rockets into Pakistan to kill the enemy, even at the expense of "riling" most of the world and his left wing supporters. Keep it up Barack and we will continue to win this war. W.C.

 ObamaLeon Panetta, chief of staff in President Bill Clinton's White House, will be President-elect Barack Obama's choice to be CIA director, two Democratic officials told CNN recently. Panetta, if his taxes are paid and he is confirmed, will bring an usual resume to the CIA. Panetta, 70, has had a long political career, beginning in 1966 when he served as a legislative assistant to U.S. Sen. Thomas H. Kuchel. R-California. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 1977, serving California's 16th (now 17th) District until Clinton appointed him to head the Office of Budget and Management in 1993. He was chief of staff from 1994 to 1997. He serves on several boards and committees, and lectures internationally on economics.
Many will wonder what Obama is trying to accomplish with this appointment and it just might be the difficulty of finding anyone who will take the CIA job. In an early confirmation hearing it was reported that Panetta seemed to be saying he would go back to the old ways (torture) and ignore Obama's executive orders (no turture) if clear evidence showed a WMD type attack being planned on American soil. That sounds good to me but what about Obama's left wing base?
I feel that our new President understands my point from above, and will use every means to protect America and forget his "leftie base", What do you think Marvo? W.C.

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