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Wood County Commissioners Court

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County approves $108,279 Technology contract with Computerland, Tyler
By Wilson Crabtree

 There were no public comments at the start of the session. There were 3 personnel actions handled in the session: Sheriff Wansley added Larry Crow as a Deputy Sheriff, beginning on 1-26-09; & removed Terry Lynn Bevill as Patrol Sgt. (resignation effective 1-22-09); moved Authur Judge from Deputy Sheriff to Patrol Sgt. to fill the position left by Terry Bevill.


Payroll of $275,221 was approved.


Total Claims of $218,758 was approved.
Award proposal for upgrade of Technology Infrastructure was aproved.
Aging existing equipment that was installed in 96/97 and modified "piecemill" over the years will be replaced in a makeover won by the above vendor who was not the low bidder. In fact another bidder, Flair Systems, underbid the awardee by 47% ($51,399.88) but lost the award due to the specs he included in his bid.
He specified that all wire would not be replaced but only wire and switches not meeting specs of 1 GBps would be replaced. Judge Jeanes questioned Tech. Director, Richard Parrish in detail about the extra $51,399.88 being spent on wire and switches and Director Parrish assurred the commissioners that it was worth the extra $51,399.88 for the wire. The four commissioners passed the motion 4 to 0 with no questions.
"Someone, maybe Parrish, should make sure that Computerland really does give us all new wire and switches." opinion W.C.
They approved a resolution designating 3 people t o sign for funds under the county's TCDP project, namely Judge Brian Jeanes, EM Coordinator Randy Selman & Commissioner Jerry Galloway.
Approved of reports submitted by Constables Steve Bowser, Ed Shadbolt, Gary Dixon & J.L. Pennington; approved the 09/10 Wood County Historical Appointment list (total of 21 names); approved EM Interlocal Agreement with cities of Alba, Hawkins, Mineola, Quitman, Winnsboro & Yantis totaling $19,419. Copies of this agreement were signed by the mayor of each city.
They then approved the release of a Judgement Lein (that had been satisfied) originally granted on 11-19-02 in amount of $10,644.35 against the Estate of Bobby Lynn Harris and other family members; approved the appointment of Charles Thompson as a replacement for Steve Fairbanks as a WCIC board member for city of Quitman; approved a Library Services contract between the city of Quitman and Wood County, for $7,000 for one year from the date on the contract. The services paid for under this contract give each Wood County resident the same free services that is granted to Quitman residents, namely free library cards and library services. It is expected that the libraries of Hawkins, Mineola and Winnsboro will soon sign agreements for their city libraries also.


Judge Jeanes asked for a motion to adjourn.

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