Free $50 Bond Quiz Contest


Free $50 Bond Contest Quiz 

We are starting something new in this issue. We are doing it to draw attention to our Quick Phone Numbers At a Glance that is found on page 8. Even the questions in the quiz are formulated from the At a Glance ads appearing above the quiz. The result is to make the advertisers that appear there much more conspicious and more noticed.

Those advertisers that are underlined have already paid the $75 for a whole year. Those that have not paid yet face a 30 day deadline to pay or pay a new yearly rate of $150, double the current charge. The new rate is still a bargin for a whole year, even at twice the current price.

The increased traffic for the $50 Bond Quiz should be alot of fun and pay off for everyone over the long haul. Please let us know what you think! W.C.

Last Updated on Friday, 17 April 2009 20:51