Introducing Jimmy Meta & Andy Asad, new Owners of Fore Seasons and 19th Hole


Interview with Andy Asad on 1-12-09 by Steve H Kehoe

Here are some questions Andy answered during the course of our talk:

Q: Congratulations of taking over the restaurants at Holly Lake Ranch! Will you be the full-time managers of the Fore Seasons and the 19th Hole?
A: Yes, and Diane Cordova will be Manager as well. She has extensive kitchen experience and has owned her own Mexican restaurant in the past, as well as being manager of Dooley's and other restaurants in Grand Saline and Mineola.

Q: You both come from the highly successful "A Taste of Italy By The Lake" in Hawkins. How will you divide your time between there and Holly Lake Ranch?
A: I (Andy) will be full-time Manager at The Fore Seasons and the 19th Hole, while Mr. Meta (Jimmy) will run "A Taste of Italy by the Lake" in Hawkins. This dual expertise will assure diners at both locations the very best experience in fine dining!

Q: What do you see as the basic need right now at the Fore Seasons and 19th Hole?
A: Stability. People need to know "a new era" has dawned, one of consistent high quality and impeccable service, and predictable hours. I have personally trained my staff to provide the best possible service, and they will both solicit and welcome comments.

Q: What is your pricing and menu theory?
A: Always FRESH food-NEVER frozen-served at reasonable cost, with timely specials. I believe in giving value for the dollar, and always pleasing the customer.
I intend to practice strict inventory control, and always be able to offer fresh food..

Q: Where did your current staff come from?
A: Some came over from "A Taste of Italy", and I am looking for some new hires. Diane will personally train all new hires, as she has trained our existing staff, before they begin.

Q: Do you plan to keep the menu as is, or will you be making more changes?
A: Mostly as is for now, except we will eliminate slow sellers and add new ones.

Q: Will you have mid-week or nightly "specials"?
A: We will offer Friday & Saturday specials, but not mid-week. In addition, lunch specials will be added as volume increases.

Q: Do you have sufficient equipment now to be able to provide great service?
A: Honestly, we do need one more grill; we are utilizing two now. We plan to add one more very soon. Again, my goal is to minimize our customers' wait time.

Q: Who will order foodstuffs and other supplies? Will you be delegating?
A: In order to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste, I will personally order all items.

Q: How do you feel about "non-residents" being allowed to dine at the Fore Seasons and 19th Hole? You do know that the B Board has approved this at a recent meeting?
A: I see this as essential to our success, along with a good percentage of HLR customers!

Q: So let me be sure I understand: The restaurants are open to the public, correct?
A: Yes! Any non-resident can call for a reservation and we will alert security to admit them onto the premises. In fact, we welcome "outside" patrons!

Q: What number should people call to make reservations?
A: For residents and non-residents alike, call 903-769-4325.

Q: What one thing would you most want HLR residents to know?
A: I feel certain that my restaurant experience and Mrs. Cordova's training experience will enable the Fore Seasons and the 19th Hold to offer fine dining that more than meets the expectations of the residents of Holly Lake Ranch, and by doing so, the location will become known for its quality food and impeccable service! Please come and try us, we are anxious to meet you! Let us prove it!

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