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 Several of you are seeing a Gazette for the first time in a long time. The reason for this is that I am sending copies to of this issue to many people who are not currently subscribing. The issue contains many things that a HLR resident should see and be aware of.

1. The minutes of the HLR A/B Annual meeting.

2. Information on possible oil drilling on the Ranch-see www.hlrgazette.com for Bill McKenzie's letter to our B Board on this subject. Our goal is to get information to the people.

3. Results and other information from recent HLR B Board election.

4. Information on HLR"Work Groups" for the coming year.

Different subject. I drive a car that gets over 45 mpg and took notice of a recent letter to DMN from a Lance Pinkerton in Allen, Texas. Part of the letter said, "Oil is the same price for France and England as it is for the U.S., but the $4 per gal. difference is taxes. If our government taxed gasoline the same as Europeans do, I'm sure the Big Three would have far more economical cars available. So whose fault is it really that the Big Three are in trouble?" Think of how much money we are sending the Middle East, and will send in the future. Is this rational?

Personally I think the answer is natural gas powered cars, trucks and busses. It is produced in this country and burns clean, no smog in our lungs. So does Boone Pickens! W.C.


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