Yes, you might say I am a little upset with the following:
1. The Big 12 rules makers.
2. The BCS in general.
3. The OU whiners!!!!
4. The Big 12 rules makers.
5. A Texas DB named Gideon (he dropped the interception in Tech Game)
6. The OU whiners!!!!
7. The Big 12 rules makers.
8. Boomer Sooners who send stupid emails!!!!
9. Teams who run up score for cheap touchdowns in blow out situations to get "style points"
10. Texas beat both teams in Big 12 Title Game!!!! (WHAT A JOKE THAT GAME IS)
11. The BCS and the Big 12 in general.
12. OU has embarrassed the Big 12 in prev. 2 BCS Bowls-Boise State & USC!!!
HOOK EM HORNS 45 TO 35 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 15:50