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Our local Chamber is fighting for you, the local property owner, living both on the Ranch and nearby. They are doing this on a small budget but are using that budget in an intelligent and logical manner. But remember this, they are doing it for you. Many of you have stepped up and joined the Chamber by paying the small $25 annual dues, for an individual membership, but far more have not joined. EVERY HOUSEHOLD AT HOLLY LAKE RANCH SHOULD JOIN THE CHAMBER!

The Chamber is being bitterly opposed in its efforts to help you by the very people who should be the most excited about what the Chamber is trying to do. It is being opposed by some local Realtors who are acting like jealous children. Only Holly Realty has joined and Rodney reports many "hits" on his website as a result on the Chamber's efforts.

The Chamber is promoting Holly Lake Ranch in the Dallas Market and on national retirement web sites. They desperately need your help to do this work! W.C.

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