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Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees

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First student drug testing results; Two whirlpools OK'd for Gym

Meeting in regular session on Monday, November 3, the board of trustees of the Hawkins Independent School District heard a report on the first drug testing session of the school year and approved the purchase of two whirlpools for the school's new gymnasium. The board members also heard reports on discipline improvements at the elementary school; on the academic testing and evaluation programs from last year, and the "unqualified" opinion on the audit of the 2007-2008 financial records.

Kevin White, principal of the high school told school board members that of the 278 students tested on October 16 only six were detected with illegal drug substances in their systems. Two of those students were high school students and four were in high school. One student among those was found to be taking a prescription medication that resulted in his detection. None of those detected in this test were currently involved in athletics at the school but forfeit their participation in extracurricular activities until they are tested again and are found to be substance-free.

In split votes the board approved the purchase of two whirlpools for the new gymnasium's training room at a cost of $7,040 (6-1 with Steven Holland dissenting) and two new treadmills at a cost of $4,300 for the employee/teachers' fitness area in the fieldhouse (5-2 with Clayton Atteberry and Edwin Simmons dissenting).

Foundations addresses behavior
Chuck Lowery, assistant principal at the elementary school presented a overview of a new initiative on student behavior at that facility called "Foundations." Foundations is based on the premise that a safe school + a civil school = productive school. Lowery reported statistics from the 2007-2008 school year when there were 761 student referrals (primarily for behavior events) to the principal's office. Specific data was gathered concerning where the behavior events originated as follows: 251 from classrooms; 247 from buses; 99 from playground; 64 from special classes (gym, music, band, and computer lab); 49 from hallways; 28 from restrooms and 16 from cafeteria and 7 from other.

Through a site-based committee comprised of a cross section of the elementary staff, pro-active, positive programs have been initiated to address the problems arising from these various sites. As a result, so far this year office referrals are down dramatically with comparable first six week referrals this year standing at 64 compared with 133 last year with across-the-board reductions from all sites.

Test results are positive
Debi Crawford, curriculum director, reported on the results of the teacher certification, TAKS, TELPAS and AYP reports that help to measure the performance of a school distirct.

Crawford reported that only one teacher on the Hawkins staff failed to meet the "highly qualified" status as required. That one teacher will be taking a test to achieve that requirment. All aides met the requirements.

On TELPAS, the measure of a distirct's compentincy with second language students, Crawford reported Hawkins ISD has only three second language students and all three are making acceptable progress with one receiving the "advanced" high rating.

In the state TAKS testing, Hawkins three campuses all achieved "Recognized" ratings from the Texas Education Association with Gold Performance achievements at all three. Overall the district received the "Academically Acceptable" rating from the state agency, missing "Recognized" by a single point.

In the federal rating system, AYP, Hawkins met the standards on all three campuses, but missed the measure in math and reading for special education students. Hawkins is appealing this latter measure because of special circumstances regarding the high level of in-transfer students to the special eduation program.

The audit of the 2007-2008 financial records received an "unqualified," or clean report from the district's auditing firm, Rutherford/Taylor. The report identified no material weaknesses, no finding or issues. Delinquent taxes were reduced in a year-to-year comparison and the district was aporoximately $200,000 under budget. Local property taxes covered 62 percent of the operating budget.

Superintendent Dan Rose reported on the closing stages of the facilities renovation and construction program, indicating that final punch lists were being worked by the administration, the architect and the contractor. Bar ditch, drainage and paving work is expected to be completed on the Vo-Ag road this week.

Rose also advised board members on the school's participation in a study by the University of Texas at Tyler concerning indoor air and asthma. The survey is being conducted among students under 9-years of age and their families. Participation is voluntary and free medical and home exams will be made available to families.

The next regular meeting of the Hawkins ISD board is scheduled for Monday, December 1 at 7 p.m. Special meetings of the board may be held with 72-hour advance public notice.

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