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HL B-Board Candidates Forum to feature five candidates

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Saturday, October 25

Five Holly Lake Ranch residents have filed their candidacy for two seats on the B-Board of Holly Lake Ranch Association. Incumbent board members Larry Bowman and Jeanette Sterner are being challenged by Jack Mills, Kay Sloan and Sam L. Wilson.

Candidates Forum This Saturday
All of the candidates have been advised of an open "Candidates Forum" to be held at Holly Hall this Saturday, October 25 at 2 p.m. Pat Jones will serve again for the fourth year as moderator of the forum which will feature presentations by each candidate followed by questions from attending property owners.

Ballots for the election will be mailed out to property owners at the first of November. To be counted the voted ballots must be signed by the property owner and mailed back to a post office box as directed in the mailing. Accompanying the ballot mailing will be copies of each candidate's full application.

Voting in person will be conducted at Holly Hall on December 6, from 9 a.m. until Noon. Winners of the board election will be named at the Annual Meeting of the Association to be held at 3 p.m. at Holly Hall that same day.

The following are excerpts from the candidate's applications:

Larry Bowman
Full-time resident. Property owner for six years.
"I have been married to Connie for 47 years. We have 6 children and 20 grandchildren. In addition to being involved in all aspects of raising a fimily. I was Council President of LaSalle Council of Boy Scouts of
America; I also served on the Board of Directors of the following charity organizations-Long Horn Council Boy Scouts of America, St Joseph County United Way, Chamber of Commerce of St Joseph County, Boys & Girls club of South Bend. I have been actively involved in all aspects of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints including being Bishop of two different congregations for six years."

Goals for Ranch if elected: "I pledge that I will continue to assure that the board is open and forthcoming with information that is pertinent to the property owners of Holly Lake Ranch. The composition and diversity of the current board has enabled the Association to move forward in a businesslike manner. While there is not always agreement, there is an open exchange of ideas that allows the board to reach agreement on what is best for the Association as a whole without bias of individual desires. We have established a good business working relationship with Management and with more trust and open exchange of ideas. The current board has also established a reasonable working relationship with the "A" Board which has enabled us to accomplish many of the above items."

Jack Mills
Full-time resident. Property owner for 13 years.
"Native Texan, Celina, TX., 3 yrs served in Army 1958-61. Married to Sue 51 years, one daughter, married in McKinney, Tx. UT Arlington BSEE, Registered Professioner Engr,Tx."

Goals for Ranch if elected: "1. Demand all managers submit goals/plans/budget 1yr/3yr/5yr for Board approval and concurrance. Performance to be reviewed monthly. 2. Control spending to keep dues to less than 5% growth. 3. Eliminate all B-Board appointed committees. Let managers appoint committee if they need help. 4. Promote volunteering by members to do special projects as approved by managers. 5. Improve HLR infrastructure, i.e. roads, fences, lakes, buildings pools etc. to improve uesablility and property values."

Kay Sloan
Full-time resident. Property owner for 15 years.

"My husband, John & I have been happily married for 49 years. We have 3 great children and 7 wonderful grandchildren. We moved here from Plano after living there for more than 30 years. I have a associate degree in real estate as well as numerous other college courses."

Goals for Ranch if elected: "1. DUES: It is my hope that if the dues must be raised that it will be a minimal increase. We all know that the cost of many things, especially gasoline, has gone up. It costs more to run the Ranch now. Perhaps we can find ways to work smarter and save money. Again, I hope any raise in dues will be small. 2. VOLUNTEERS: There are so many talented people on the Ranch. It would be great to utilize that talent. For those who have talents or experience that might help the Ranch-volunteer your services. Volunteering can help keep the cost of dues down. There is a group of homeowners in Section 3 that would like to have the pavilion painted in the beautiful recreational area near the pool in that section. These folks told me that they will paint the pavilion if the Association will purchase the paint. What a savings this would be-labor is very expensive. Next Spring I plan to ask the manager to allow me to do some landscaping in the area around the west pool. 3. THE RESTAURANT: The restaurant has caused many problems. It is a great amenity. It is nice not to have to leave the Ranch to enjoy a meal. FINE DINING IS CERTAINLY NOT NECESSARY. It is important to have some short of a restaurant near the golf course. No one homeowner, no group of homeowners should ever expect special favors at the restaurant. WE ALL NEED TO LIVE BY THE GOLDEN RULE. 4. THE 9 HOLE GOLF COURSE: I am not a golfer, my husband is. I would be in favor of the 9 Hole Golf Course only if IT WILL NOT CAUSE OUR DUES TO GO UP. I would like to see the value of my property and yours go up and the new course would probably do just that. 5. MANAGEMENT: It is my belief that the manager should manage - that is what the manager is paid to do and that is what he or she is educated to do. 6. HOLLY LAKE BYLAWS: It is my belief that ALL rules as stated in the bylaws of the Ranch must be for followed by EVERYONE IN EVERY SITUATION. 7. COMMUNICATION: I have heard homeowners say ‘the board keeps everything such a secret.' I will work for better communications between the Board and the homeowners. The minutes of the board minutes are published in the local newspaper. All homeowners should read them. Perhaps a suggestion box outside the Lodge might be helpful."

Jeanette Sterner
Full-time resident. Property owner for 14 years.

"I have been married to Sven for 26 years. We have two children and 3 grandchildren. My education and background includes: Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Master's Degree in Strategic Studies, Graduate of Resident Program of the U.S. Army War College. Specialty fields are Administration, Personnel, Logistics, and Home Land Defense."

Goals for Ranch if elected: "My commitment is to continue the initiatives began two years ago and to improve them after in-depth study and consultation with property owners and professionals. No individual need or suggestion is ignored. As I have done the past two years, I will devote the time necessary to fulfill the commitments stated above. I also commit to continue the "new and improved" working relationship with the A and B Board and staff of HLRA. The idea of shared responsibility and decision-making has helped HLRA to proceed with the easy and hard problems more effectively, professionally and efficiently, which only means the goals of the people of HLRA are being met "head-on!"

Sam Wilson
Full-time resident. Property owner for 1.5 years.

"Married, 2 grown sons: BSCE/TU; MSCE. Transportation/Texas A&M; Previous Board member of Wednesday's Child and CASA; also Court Appointed Advocate for abused children for 25 years; many years Deacon and Benevolance Chairman @ Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano; Present member of Holly Brook Baptist Church."

Goals for Ranch if elected: "To be available to residents of all sections to seek solutions for issues of concern; Continue roadway upgrade and maintenance program; Eliminate hydrilla in the lake; Dredging of the lake to improve quality of area; Determine profitable use of Four Seasons addition; Continue to make improvements to the golf course."

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