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 Sunday's 60 Minutes on CBS-Oct. Surprise?

 The long predicted October Surprise that many thought would be a Palin revelation uncovered in Alaska, to harm the GOP, just might turn out to be the blockbuster revealed by CBS's 60 Minutes on Sunday 10-5-08. CBS had to know that everything it said would lead straight to Fannie & Freddie, run by the Democrats for decades, and who had given Chris Dodd and Obama more contributions than it had given any other U.S. politician. Maybe they were trying to help Clinton 2012?

We found out about something called a CDS, Credit Default Swaps, and how they were secretly traded by the giant (then) N.Y. firms of Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and others. (see Franklin Raines, Tim Howard & Jim Johnson from Lehman). Johnson was hired to "vett" V.P. candidates by Obama, but later fired when his background was pointed out by McCain. Terms like "worldwide financial storm" were used on the show. W.C.


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