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Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees

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Renovation/Construction in final phase; student drug testing program approved

Meeting in regular session on Monday, October 6, the board of trustees of the Hawkins Independent School District dispatched a 14 agenda item in just one-and-one-half hours, hearing a report on the final wrap-up activities on the facilities construction/renovation program and accepting a donation from the Athletic Booster Club.

David Denton, a representative of WRL Contractors was on hand to discuss pending issues of the construction and renovation contract. Denton said his firm and the architectural firm will be meeting to work a punch list of those items that need additional attention. Denton said WRL stands behind a one-year warranty on everything that was involved in the construction/renovation program. In addition some elements of that program such as new roofs and air conditioners carry longer warranties. The issue of a newly-installed water heater in the gymnasium that is not up to specifications was discussed. The gallon capacity of the heater is correct, but the recovery does not meet specifications. The district could accept the installed heater and receive a credit of nearly $10,000, choose to have the heater replaced. The board agreed to wait to determine a course of action. Also discussed at the meeting was an overabundance of sunlight entering the gymnasium's windows on the west side-an unanticipated situation that creates problems with late afternoon activities and competitions in the gym. This problem will be addressed later as well.

Repaving and repair of the VoAg road will begin next week and should be completed in a week or less according to Denton.

The board accepted a donation of $585 from the Athletic Booster Club. The funds will be used to purchase chairs for use in the old high schoool gymnasium.

The board approved an agreement between the distirct and SCCADA (Siter Communities Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse) for testing and program services. Drug testing, an element of the services will commence among students involved in extra-curricular activities later this month and continue throughout the year with random testing. The district receives grant funds for basic costs, and will expend $2,700 for additional services offered by SCCADA.

In other action, the board:
-heard a report of enrollment/attendance. Enrollment is running ahead of last year with 759 students compared with 738 students last year. Attendance was ahead of last year: Elementary-95.12% compared with 94.26% last year; Middle School-97.32% compared with 96.46% last year, and High School-96.97% compared with 95.72%.
-received a recommendation from Board President Edwin Simmons to adopt the TASB Superintendent Evaluation instrument and will consider a new timetable for the evaluation process at the next meeting of the Board.
-reviewed a tax collection report from the Wood County Tax Assessor/Collector showing tax collections at 98.03%, with $38,184 collected in August.

The next regular meeting of the Hawkins ISD board is scheduled for Monday, November 3 at 7 p.m. Special meetings of the board may be held with 72-hour advance public notice.

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