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 If you know Jerry Ryan, or even if you don't, give him a call and ask him about the logic of the $300 per month the Holly Lake Chamber is investing in Holly Lake Ranch. The money goes for smart strategically worded classified ads placed in key parts of the Dallas Morning News every day. (www.hlrcc.org) The first ads started on August 17, 2008.

Individual memberships in the Chamber are about the same price as being a member of other support groups such as Hook and Ladder, at $25 per year. Ryan needs at least 12 new members each month to cover the Dallas ad investment, or better yet, he needs 1,000 people to step up and join all at one time. He has announced a mailer that will soon be in your mailbox inviting you to be a part. The mailer will go to over 1,800 Ranch mailboxes. Do the math. This thing can work. W.C.

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