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Wood County Commissioners Court

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Short Quick Meeting with new JP approved and sworn for Precinct 2
By Wilson Crabtree

 Meeting in regular session Friday September 5, Wood County Commissioners led by County Judge Brian Jeanes, moved quickly through a 14 point agenda and adjourned in less than 24 minutes. All four of the commissioners were present.

There were no public comments at the beginning.

here were 5 personell actions passed as item #2 .

Items 3 through 5 approved the spending of $544,371.12 of your money for several things, such as payroll, health insurance claims and other bills.

I missed item 6 completely. Item 7 was passed but was made pursuant to a budget coming in the future being large enough to pay for what was included in said item 7, which was The APET Service Contract.

Item 8 was passed and included 2 new fees for the Lake Hawkins RV park, 1 of which was a new $3 boat launch fee.
Item 9 was passed concerning a new contract with Xerox for the EMC (Emergency Management Coordinator).

Item 10 approved 2 Constable reports, Precincts #1 and #3.

Item 11 passed and thus seated 2 new people on the Wood County Industrial Commission representing the city of Yantis. They are Michael Rogge and Teresa Weeks, filling vacancies.

Item 12 approved Jim Atchley to replace Holly Laker David Pyle on the Upper Sabine Solid Waste Management Board.

Item 13, by far the biggest thing on the short Agenda, slowed us down a bit but not much. Neil Moseley, was approved as the appointed replacement for the Precinct 2 JP Court, filling the vacancy created by resignation of Larry Jones. Judge Jeanes swore him in following adjourment.

The last item, 14, consisted of approving $350 for a Pauper Burial, which was quickly passed.

As mentioned above, Judge Jeanes stepped out from behind the bench and the swearing in of Judge Moseley was witnessed by all 4 commissioners and those present for the meeting. (see photo above) Cake was served in the hallway afterward. Sparks will be back next time.

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