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 My wife and I just returned from a wonderful trip, both of our first, to the State of Oregon. We were there Thursday PM until a 4:00 PM flight back to Texas on the following Monday. Much too short!

We were the "pampered" guests of Jack and JoAnn Lumsden of Lincoln City. She and Annette were room mates at UT Austin, a few years back.

The trip from the airport to Lincoln City, normally just over 2 hours, was extended to over 5 for our sightseeing pleasures. We laughed and talked as we moved from a Portland heatwave temp. of 110 degrees to an Oregon Coast delight of 55.

What a beautiful state, with walks on "roaring" beaches, delightful intimate lunch spots and tours of such places as Depo Bay, with a narrow 50 foot entrance thru a wild surf with crashing waves on the massive rocks, all the time with a chilly 55 degree wind whipping at our borrowed coats. Is this really August?

Jack and JoAnn have promised to visit us soon at Holly Lake Ranch next year and we are all looking forward to that day. W.C.

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