Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees


Budget, tax rate public hearing draws not one citizen/taxpayer

Meeting on Monday, August 11, the board of trustees of the Hawkins Independent School District adopted a 2008-2009 budget and tax rate after a public hearing that no one other than board members school administrators and staff members attended.

The adopted tax rate is $1.1426 per hundred dollars of property valuation. This is 0.0059 cents higher than the tax for 2007-2008. It includes a rate of $1.00/$100 for the M&O (maintenance and operations) portion of the budget and $0.1426/$100 for the I&S (bonded debt) portion of the budget. For 2008, approximately $1,020,000 will go to pay down the bonded debt of the school district.

The tax rate and other sources of income to the Hawkins ISD are expected to generate $10,977,231 in total revenues. Because Hawkins ISD is a deemed a property value "rich" school district, approximately $2-million of the funds raised from local property taxes must be sent to the state for redistribution to property value "poor" school districts. This practice, known as "Robin Hood," has been in effect for several years.

Robert Fair, HISD Business Manager, said local tax revenue will be up 20-percent, state revenue will be down 21-percent and federal revenue up approximately eight-percent from levels in 2007-2008.

Trustees also heard a progress report from Brice Davis, architect on the construction/renovation plan which is nearing completion. Davis did ask for board action on two matters related to the program-both requiring additional funds. A new three-inch sewer line must be installed in an old kitchen area to complete renovations of the area into a pre-kindergarten classroom. The cost was estimated at $7,186. The second unanticipated expenditure involves guttering to collect runoff water from a newly installed canopy. This addition will result in a cost of $6,325. Both projects were approved by trustees. In another construction related item, trustees voted not to install benches on the upper perimeter of the new gymnasium, thus saving approximately $3,790 which had been budgeted.

Davis reported that he was still working various punch lists with the contractors in areas of the three campuses where renovation projects have been on-going. He said the construction trailer would be removed from the campus on Wednesday, August 13 and case work installation would begin Thursday, August 14 in the renovated areas of the high school.

Trustees also approved a drug testing policy for students participating in extracurricular activities with slight revisions of the policy in effect during 2007-2008.

Trustees accepted the resignation of Stacy Pevey, first grade teacher and approved the hiring of Susan Caruso as elementary teacher.

The next regular meeting of the Hawkins ISD board is scheduled for Monday September 8 at 7 p.m. Special meetings of the board may be held with 72-hour advance public notice.

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