Holly Lake Chamber


Dallas Advertising Plan began on August 17,2008

 This upstart local Chamber has launched its "New Vision" program to promote the wonderful East Texas lifestyle and retirement living found at Holly Lake Ranch.

Their Dallas Advertising committee is headed by Rancher Jerry Ryan, a seasoned Dallas Real Estate Marketing Executive who retired out here and loves the life.

He has developed a marketing plan utilizing a Chamber internet website (www.hlrcc.org) and short strategically worded classified ads in the Dallas Morning News that will direct people to the site. The monthly budget is only $295 for the DMN portion and Ryan believes it just might work.

Over the more than 35 years that Holly Lake Ranch has existed, the Dallas market has been the prime breeding ground for property owners at the Ranch. Ryan himself came from there.

Ryan also plans to position HLR on the national website, Top Retirements.com which will open the Ranch to an even wider exposure
Ryan thinks that every Realtor and property owner stands to benefit from his plan.

Ryan was prompted to develop his innovative approach by the very high number of homes for sale at the Ranch. He says that Holly Lake can have a higher turnover as people grow older and elect go to assisted living and nursing homes.

Ryan says, "it is important for the whole community to get behind this new vision since it should drive property values up."

He went on to say that "it just makes sense to do something now to keep a steady stream of buyers coming since we all will be sellers someday."

The Chamber's Real Estate members are quite excited at their prospects as is the whole community.

Stay tuned as we move forward with the "New Vision."

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 April 2009 14:56