D.A.'S office will not comment on swingers club affair until Grand Jury completes investigation


 The Wood County District Attorney's Office recently released this statement: "In March 2008, the Wood County District Attorney's Office quietly initiated an independent grand jury investigation to determine whether criminal acts have been committed in Wood County involving children or adults connected in any way to the so-called Mineola Swingers Club.

Under Texas state law, the investigation and prosecution of all criminal acts occurring in that club are, absent unusual circumstances, solely within the statutory and constitutional jurisdiction of the Wood County Grand Jury and the Wood County District Attorney's Office.

The Wood County Grand Jury is gathering information to determine whether a violation of Texas law has occurred involving the Mineola Swingers Club. This investigation is ongoing, and the Grand Jury is available to hear additional evidence, when and if it is developed.

At this time, the Wood County Grand Jury has not presented any case for indictment. Should additional evidence lead to indictment, this office will prosecute the offense vigorously.

Pursuant to Texas law, a Grand Jury investigation is secret, and the work product of the district attorney is exempt from disclosure.

Further comment shall await completion of the investigation by the Wood County Grand Jury, unless otherwise warranted or required."

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 April 2009 14:54