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 Ozarka has been a good neighbor over the years since the giant facility was built. I was one of the people who supported them way back when the rumors were flying about them stealing our water ect. Holly Lake and Hawkins needs to build on this foundation of good will between the local communities and Ozarka. I, for one intend to do just that! W.C.

The Holly Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is in a very delicate period. It has embarked on a "new vision" where the group will promote Holly Lake Ranch in the Dallas Market. The reason for this focused vision is that over the years, Dallas is where a vast majority of the Holly Lake Home owners has come from. In order to do this, money will need to be raised and the logical place to raise some of the money is with the local Realtors who stand to benefit the most.

This is exactly the approach the "new vision board has taken. It has raised the dues for Realtor Members and lowered the dues of the non-real Estate business member, as well as the individual member.

Most people have welcomed this approach and stepped forward to join the effort. Some, however, have resisted and actually fought the Chamber's efforts to better our community. We do not feel that negativity will carry the day, but once again I remind you, this is a delicate period where we need everyone's support, if we are to prevail. W.C.


I would like for Marvo to go and look at the link shown below and get back to us! http://www.youtube.com/v/ervaMPt4Ha0&autoplay=1 W.C.

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