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Hawkins City Council

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Alley garbage ban reversed; Sewer system rehab=$289,831

Meeting in regular session, Monday, July 21, the Hawkins City Council reversed a decision made at the last council meeting to reinstate the practice of picking up garbage in the city's alleys. The council also approved a bid of $289,831 for the next stage in the continuing sewer system rehabilitation program.

One of the larger crowds of citizens appeared at the meeting to express their opinions of the ban on alley pickups by the city's garbage contractor. The ban measure was passed just last month by the council in a split vote. Council members supporting the measure said they hoped to protect the alleyways from further damage by the heavy trucks which often had to make two passes through the alley to collect garbage from both sides. The citizens who spoke generally opposed the measuer although both sides of the issue received support. Mayor Sam Bradley read and distributed a lengthy discourse on his position which suggested that residents be asked to place their cans on just one side of the alley.

Council reversed the motion to eliminate garbage pickup in the city alleys. It is effective immediately.

The city's program of rehabilitating the sewer line system was continued with the acceptance of a bid of $289,831 from Triple A Sanitation to proceed with the next phase of the improvement plan. A second bid was submitted at a cost of $330,000.

Estimates had also been received to repaint and repair the exterior of the Hawkins City Hall. The estimated $76,000 cost was taken under advisement by the council with members concluding that such funds were not available in this year's budget. A less ambitious plan for some repairs and improvements to the building are being considered.

Jerry Hibbs and Pastor David Hicks of the First United Methodist Church made a brief presentation to the council suggesting a property exchange involving land near near the intersection of Forest Street and Pine Street. The proposal would give the city 360 degree access to a water pump station housed in a brick enclosure and close a portion of East Forest Street to auto traffic (street is undeveloped just beyond the Forest/Pine intersection). If the proposal is adopted, the city would maintain a utility easement across the roadway property. The Hawkins Methodist Church would pay necessary survey and title transfers.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hawkins City Council is scheduled for Monday, August 18 at 6 p.m. A special meeting of the council can be called with 72 hours public notice.

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