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Wood County Commissioners Court

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Audit says "significant deficiency;"Election organization approved

Meeting in regular session on Friday, July 25, Wood County Commissioners accepted the audit report for the year ended September 30, 2007 with a finding of a "significant deficiency" regarding the timeliness of entries. The court also accepted an organizational structure for the upcoming general election.

The fiscal 2007 audit was presented to the court by Todd Pruitt, a representative of Pattillo, Brown & Hill, the county's outside independent auditor. Pruitt said the basic audit of the county's financial statements resulted in an "unqualified" or clean audit. But, the audit of internal controls revealed a question of the timeliness of entries which resulted in the "significant deficiency" which the audit report describes: "A significant deficiency is a control deficiency, or combination of control deficiencies, that adversely affects the entities ability to initiate, authorize, record, process, or report financial data reliably in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles such that there is more than a remote likelihood that a misstatement of the entity's financial statements that is more than inconsequential will not be prevented or detected by the entity's internal control."

Wood County Auditor Becky Burford assured Wood County Judge Bryan Jeanes and the court that steps have been and are being taken to address the issues posed in the audit report.

The court also approved the engagement letter with Pattillo, Brown and Hill, LLP for the fiscal year 2008 audit.

Wood County Elections Administrator Dawn Goldthorn presented the court with a schedule of election judges and alternates in each of the county's 12 precinct polling places and for early voting for the November 2008 general election. A resolution reorganizing the central counting station was also presented to the court as required by federal law. The court approved both items.

Charles Caffrey will serve as judge in Precinct 3-2 (Holly Lake Fire Department) with Nancy Thomas as alternate. In Precinct 3-3 (Hawkins City Hall) Herman Peace is the election judge and Angela Villescaz in alternate. In Precinct 3-1 (Quitman library) Betty Dubbs is judge and Carolyn Saxon is alternate.

In other action the court approved:
- payroll of $258,412.91.
- employee/dependent health claims of $198,476.08.
- claims of $213,565.20.
- treasurers report of pledge and release securities.
- reserve deputies' hours for six months ending June 30, 2008 (980 hours).
- gathering of renewal options for insurance for the county's employees and families by Health First.
Personnel actions taken at the meeting included:
- Melissa Ann Hicks, resignation, deputy district clerk III, District Clerk's office. $13,70/hour.
- Sherry Lavonne Knight, promotion, from part time deputy district clerk to deputy district clerk III, District Clerk's office, from $9.00/hour to $13.70/hour.
- Bobby Harill Mathis, resignation, temporary lake keeper Precinct-2, $9.00/hour.

The next regular meeting of the Wood County Commissioners Court will be Friday, August 8 at 10 a.m. A special meeting of the court can be called with 72-hour public notice.

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