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This needed to be said!

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 Why would a guy who lives at Holly Lake Ranch and plays golf there several times a week, standup at a county wide meeting of Wood County movers and shakers and say "the Holly Lake Golf Course Sucks?"

One would think that he would go to the Greens Committee to complain rather than trash our golf course in front of the whole county. After all, what could they do about it, even if he was correct.

There was also a recent email sent around the Ranch with critical remarks aplenty directed at the golf course. What is this? Do we really have a problem? I asked a close friend of mine who also plays the course repeatedly and he said the Holly Lake Course is the best it has been in 5 years. Who is right? W.C.

Don't miss the Krauthammer piece, to the right. I saw it in Monday's (7-14-08) DMN and perhaps you did too. I just have to "dig" at my pal Marvo on stories like this. As George Patton used to say, "deep down all Americans think this way", the hard power way. We know the soft way never really works. It only postpones the decisions that must be made, if we are to survive with freedom.

My wife and I recently watched the John Adams HBO movie, on a DVD, given to us by our daughter Elizabeth McCarthy. It started with the Boston Massacre, proceeded to the writting of the Declaration, the war, and Adam's life to his death at age 90 on July 4. We live in an awesome country. As you can probably tell I will not be voting for Obama!! W.C.


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