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 Recently one of my readers, Marvo Myers, chided me about his favorite (New York Times) Newspaper's recruitment of Bill Kristol to its staff. Since Kristal is a regular panelist on Fox's Sunday format, the implication was that another conservative "standard" had sold out to the liberal media, which caused Marvo to shriek with delight. Get the picture?

Little did Marvo know, or maybe he did, that the star columnist for the Times, David Brooks, had that very day "soiled himself" with a very positive piece written about George W. Bush and how well the Iraq Surge was working. This was my email response to the Marine Veteran, Marv Myers: Why do you applaud so loudly when one of "us" (Kristol) infiltrates a liberal publication in order to get "our" message in front of more people. Your Democrats are doing similar things all across the country by running "our type of guys", you know, conservatives, in Demo clothes, in order to win congressional elections.

How does a "liberal anti war democrat" like you react to the David Brooks (NY Times) col. in today's (Thursdays DMN)? Has he (Brooks) "jumped ship"? The only one he didn't kiss was Rummy !!!!!! That Marvo, he's a card. W.C.


The Holly Chamber meeting at the HLVFD Community Room was great. Don't miss the front page news story covering some of the happenings. Over 40 people were there, including Rob James and the Caspers. Most of the Realtors were also present and they are the prime players in the "New Vision" to promote the Ranch in Dallas. All ten of them should embrace this effort to bring buyers out here from Dallas. Several have already stepped forward to join our Chamber. W.C.


This is for Dennis M., A.K.A. The Ghost Rider who loves me. Dennis, my private turnaround at the Fore Seasons is wonderful. I used it twice last week and it saved me some time. Thanks for your help in promoting the project and your general positive ourlook on life! W.C.

How many of you have ever driven down Winding Trail to the intersection of Valleywood Trail, and then down Valleywood Trail to the old "cattle guard" bridge that used to go over to Section 6. Years ago, Valleywood Trail was closed by B.M. to help seal the "Wilderness Area" from the public's eye. Recently, my wife and I drove down there on our golf cart while "crusing" the West Side. Very interesting. W.C.

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