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HL Chamber meets with Community. Reveals "Dallas Plan" specifics

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The meeting was held at the HLVFD Community Center on FM 2869. There were over 40 present including several of the ten area Realtors.

Chamber President Wilson Crabtree went over recent events leading to this meeting, namely the resignation of the previous leadership and the assumption of leadership by the new board. He pointed out that this Board is a six month Board that will stand for election on a specified date, six months after their appointment.

Crabtree then turned the meeting over to Jerry Ryan, Chairman of the Dallas Advertising Committee, to discuss details on his committee's plan to promote Holly Lake Ranch in the Dallas Market. Questions were taken from the floor by Ryan on his plan.

The start date for the plan is July 15, 2008 and that would be the last day that a Realtor may join for the 2008/2009 Promo Season.

The six Month Board includes the following:
1. Wilson Crabtree
2. Jerry Ryan
3. Marie Aughtry
4. George Vordenbaum
5. Sven Sterner
6. Bonnie Best
7. John Livingston

Many turned in their applications for individual ($25) one year memberships. Rob James, HLR GM was in attendence as well as Jeanette Sterner, HLR B Board Member.

The Dallas Plan specifics revealed by Ryan were:
1. Use Chamber website as primary focus of all promotion.
2. Use TylerRetire site as guide for "upgrades" to Chamber site.
3. The new name for site is www.hlrcc.org.
4. Dallas promos will use multiple DMN classifieds directing attention to Chamber site with a monthly budget in range of $400/$500.
5. Two national efforts will also be used, Silverleaf info publication mailings and www.topretirement.com, a major retirement website.
6. Attempt to get donation of major outdoor advertising billboard by trading promotion in our market area.
7. Use regular press releases to all newspapers in DFW metroplex.

For more Chamber information call 903-769-5014

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