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In our last Gazette issue I ran a piece that talked about our failure to drill and develop the resources that God had blessed us with and how this practice causes both our friends and enemies to wonder about our intentions. Why don't we harvest our resources? One of my "Ranch Readers" took me to task for daring to publish such a "radical" opinion. He raved on about how evil our American Oil Companies are and how wonderful and charitable the Arab countries are. He pointed out how much money they had given to Katrina Victims and how our evil "Oil Cartel" had given nothing, as an example Exxon-Mobil and Chevron, ect.
I could not believe what I was reading from this late life Marine Veteran. If you have the last paper handy, pull it out and read the short piece on page A 2 entitled God gave this country all the resources we need if we weren't too stupid to harvest them and see if it makes you want to speak up for the "wonderful Muslims" like it did this reader. W.C.

 Recently I sat down with John Livingston, Fore Seasons owner, to talk about how things are going. I came away feeling very discouraged about the prospects. With the two new restaurants in the area, Horse Apple and Taste of Italy, and Pine Mills Catfish becoming more agressive than it ever was with the previous owner, the pressure on the Fore Seasons/19th Hole is building. I feel that the $20 Food Credit issue may well be brought up again. W.C.

 The "New Vision" Holly Lake Ranch Chamber is planning a meeting at the Fire Station to reveal specifics on their plan to promote Holly Lake Ranch in Dallas. Everyone is invited! You will not want to miss this meeting. (announcement on page 4) W.C.

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