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Hawkins City Council

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No more alley garbage pickup; budget running $5K fuel defecit

 Meeting in regular session, Monday, June 16, the Hawkins City Council held a lengthy discussion about the practice of picking up garbage in the city's alleys and approved elimination of the practice. The council also was advised that the budget for fuel is expected to result in a defecit of nearly $5,000 for the fiscal year.

Mayor Sam Bradley and resident Allen Holley held a spirited discussion on the subject of the use of alleys for pick up of garbage. Holley said the wear and tear on the alleys, which he said were already in bad shape could be eliminated if all residents were required to place the garbage at the curb on streets. Holley pointed out the new garbage contractor has trucks with an automatic side pick up unit which is designed to eliminate one man and operate with only the driver. The equipment and the process require the garbage truck to make two passes in most alleys.

In addition to the beating being taken by the alley with the heavy garbage truck, the process often results in "spilled or blown " loose trash which clutters up the alleys. Because of other demands on the budget, Holley said he didn't expect the alleys to ever be repaired.

Mayor Sam Bradley said residents who have alleys were being asked to place their garbage containers on one side of the alley to eliminate the two pass problem. He argued for retaining the service as is.

Council approved a motion to eliminate garbage pickup in the city alleys. It is effective July 10. Residents will receive notice with their water/sewer bills.

In another matter related to garbage/trash collection, Mayor Bradley announced a major-item collection day for the city. Dumpsters will be placed on the Hawkins City Hall parking lot on Thursday, July 12 for residents to discard larger items such as furniture. Details will also be included with the water/sewer bill.

City Secretary Janis Smith advised the council that at the current spending rate, fuel expenditures for 07-08 will be $4,000-to-$5,000 over budget.

Bradley reported he had received the requested letter from Wisenbaker, Fix and Associates stating that the firm will delay until next budget year any billing for engineering and design fees on the next sewer line project (known as the U.S. Highway 80 West/Frances Street project). The Mayor said he had also received confirmation that the city's application for a $250,000 grant has been approved for the project. Council approved moving forward with the design phase. Another part of the overall sewer improvement project (known as 80 East) is also moving forward at an estimated cost of $140,000.

In other action the council elected Dwayne Hickey as Mayor Pro-Tem and reappointed Donna Jordan as City Judge.

Dr. Linda Rosene provided the council with an update on APET. The organization has acquired 29-acres in two tracts for the proposed animal APET shelter. The property is located at the intersection of US 80 East and the Mineola loop (recently extended section). She said that $65,000 has been raised toward an original goal of $100,000 for the shelter. Plans have been drawn for the facility. Rosene said APET's major on-going activitiy of spaying and neutering animals continues with more than 1,500 such procedures performed. She reported some success at placing animals for adoption at two Metroplex communities. Finally, APET/SPCA thrift store (in Mineola) is nearing its goal of $600 per week in sales.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hawkins City Council is scheduled for Monday, July 21 at 6 p.m. A special meeting of the council can be called with 72 hours public notice.

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