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HISD Superintendent Rose Speaks

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In a day and time when so many demands are being made on our schools and our children, particularly in the areas of math and science, I'd like to take a moment to brag on just one group who is achieving in a different area of their education. The Black Rose Players, which is the newly resurrected drama club at Hawkins High School, under the direction of Doris Sanders, presented a dinner theater the nights of May 30 and 31. It was a fund raiser for their group, but an ambitious undertaking for a first effort. The students served dinner and happily greeted everyone as we took our seats. Dessert was served and drinks refreshed (again by students who were friendly and happy to see us) during the intermission between acts. But the play itself, "Check, Please" was well worth the price of admission! The audience laughed non-stop for the entire, extremely well-done play. Life is so serious now! It was refreshing - and just downright fabulous - to see a group of kids work together that hard to learn so MANY lines and deliver them incredibly well, and make us laugh in the process.

The Texas State Legislature will meet in January of 2009 and, once again, take up the question of funding free public education for Texas students. At a time when the focus for Texas schools is on increased math and science courses and increased testing requirements, it is important to remember that there is a place for art, drama, band and other extra-curricular activities in our schools. Our students learn many important skills and life lessons participating in group activities and performing in public. Communication, cooperation, social interaction and the satisfaction of doing a good job and being recognized for it by your school and community is important to their overall development. Plus, it's ok just to have a good time while you are learning.

Thank you, Hawkins Black Rose Players and Mrs. Sanders, for reminding us in such grand style that life is more than just books and studying!


Dan Rose, Superintendent of Hawkins Schools.

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