Hawkins City Council

Tire recycling business in limbo; Mosquito spraying this week

 Meeting in regular session, Monday, April 21, the Hawkins City Council heard an update on the continuing controversy surrounding Foster & Sons tire reclamation business and denied a request for a water meter outside the city limits. The council also held the first of a required two public meetings regarding a new environmental ordinance concerning water which is being mandated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

City Secretary was not in attendance at the meeting due to the illness of her mother.

Mayor Bradley reported there are on-going negotiations regarding the acquisition of the tire recycling business founded in Hawkins three years ago. He said a group of investors is seeking to acquire the business and move operations to a site west of the city off U.S. 80. Bradley said the investor group is also negotiating the purchase of a machine which reduces the tires into fuel stock. The property apparently has a railroad siding which could facilitate the transport the chipped and shredded tire carcasses to a paper mill in the midwest. The current owners are under a court order limiting their activities. Council members expressed concern again this year that the stored tires off of Highway 14 within the city and outside the city limits were a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Mayor Bradley said the city has again entered into an agreement with the City of Big Sandy to spray for mosquitos again this year. That spraying could be as early as this week. The Mayor also said he was planning have the two tire sites treated as well as the city streets.

A request for a second water meter on property north of the city owned by Allen Holley was denied by the council. Members explained to Holley that an ordinance had been passed a few years ago which prohibited the extending of water service to properties outside the city limits of Hawkins. Holley said he has leased out a tract of land and would simply provide water through a current meter serving his own home.

Council authorized Mayor Bradley to sign a sludge distribution agreement with Stanley Richard.

Bradley reported the completion of the painting of the city's water tower. He said the work was done on schedule and he also anticipated it may well be under budget.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hawkins City Council is scheduled for Monday, May 19 at 6 p.m. A special meeting of the council can be called with 72 hours public notice.

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