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 Who was Orson Welles?

George Orson Welles (May 6, 1915 - October 10, 1985) was an Academy Award-winning American director, writer, actor and producer for film, stage, radio and television. Welles first gained wide notoriety for his October 30, 1938 radio broadcast of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds. Adapted to sound like a contemporary news broadcast, it caused a number of listeners to panic.

As the famous presidential debate statement made by Senator Lloyd Bentsen to V.P. Quayle might have gone, Marvo, I knew Orson Welles and he was a friend of mine. Marvo, you are no Orson Welles.

Of course, I didn't really know Orson but I was almost 3 months old when his famous "April Fool like" radio show was broadcast, so I could have.

Folks, Marv Myers caused a sensation out here with his now famous 7 Flags Under Texas April Fools Day parody in our last issue. I think the prospect of a Hooters was the most terrifying thing to many in the piece. Momma, call the realtor, we are moving!

We have never had better evidence that people are reading our newspaper. The phone rang off the wall here and I am told, at the Myers house. Marv spent the week after the paper in Oklahoma City, leaving wife Rose to deal with the turmoil. Are we having fun yet?

Even Bob Levy, of Silverleaf Resorts fame, was initially fooled and his email of congratulations to Marv on the piece said he was getting ready to call Rob James, HLR GM, to find out what in the ____ was going on. Are we having fun yet?

I had some negative emails, and a few phone calls as well, but no one hauled any of my dispensers off and dumped them in my driveway like Fay did. So I guess we are having fun! W.C.


The Fore Seasons seems to be "chugging along" with several daytime catering events where the ladies stay after their meals to enjoy bridge and MaJong all afternoon. The Tuesday night openings are trying to catch on and should help also. W.C.


The "off Ranch" customers are being offered a one year $25 pass to be able to come into the East Side by calling ahead for reservations and then presenting the paper gate pass card to Security for a token. Sounds like a plan. W.C.


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