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I. Call the Meeting to Order. Bob Levy, President, called the meeting to order. Members present from the A Board: Bob Levy, Michael Hall, Rebecca Hitt, Wayne Hitt, and Jane McMillian. Members present from the B Board: Larry Bowman, Treasurer, Jeanette Sterner, Secretary, and Bill Beggs. John Sparks was absent.

II. Approval of the Minutes of the January 29, 2008 A/B Board Meeting. A motion was made by Larry Bowman and seconded by Bill Beggs to approve the tape of the January meeting. The motion passed. (There is a dispute by Bob Levy about the wording of the "written" minutes. So, until the tape can be reviewed by the B Board, the tape will be approved.)

III. Restaurant Contract Recommendation. Rob said that the contract has been reviewed by our lawyer and finds it to be an acceptable contract. It has been reviewed by Rob, the B Board, John Livingston, and Melissa Sudik. All feel that it is an equitable contract. BOSHA is the name of their company and they have to pay for everything except utilities and the notes. They are insured up to $1M. A motion was made by Larry and seconded by Jeanette to approve the contract. The motion passed.

IV. Outside Membership Recommendation. Rob said that part of the contract agreement made with BOSHA was to allow outside membership for people, who do not live or have property on the Ranch. They would be allowed to come to the restaurant only. The B Board had recommended a $30 fee for membership; however, BOSHA asked for it to be $25. Jeanette said that this change was presented to the B Board at the Open Meeting held on March 18. This fee is an admin charge by BOSHA. The member will receive a card that is shown to security for verification. The member gets a token to get in to use the restaurant. BOSHA will pay for the application forms and the cards, so they get the entire fee. They will furnish a list of members to the security and will update the list as new members join. A motion was made by Bill and seconded by Larry to accept Outside Membership to the restaurant. The motion passed.

V. Recommendation to Utilize the Services of JVSG Collections. Rob said we have had discussions with a representative of JVSG Collections to review the feasibility of utilizing a collection agency. The proposal is that after a debt is 4 months old, it would be turned over to JVSG for collection. The company's payment would be a percentage of the amount owed by the property owner. Rob said that when a delinquency is turned over to JVSG, the amount owed by the property owner plus JVSG fees will be added to the property owners delinquency for collection. This proposal has been reviewed and accepted by our lawyer. This means that the Association will not lose any additional money by utilizing the services of the company because their fee is included in the paperwork sent to the property owner. Larry said JVSG will serve all papers and file the lien against the property. Rob said that JVSG cannot make any "deal" with the property owner. All negotiations go through the Association. Larry said that we will "try" this company out for a 4-month period. During that time we will know what they can do for the Association and if we should extend a longer contract. Rob said the main reason for bring up this issue at this time is to hear any suggestions from the A Board, since they may have some experience in dealing with collection agencies etc. Bob Levy said the fact they will file the liens and take care of the paperwork would be beneficial to the Association. Rob said that we have been paying $35 for lien filed and now JVSG will pick up that charge. Jeanette said that they have been dealing with Jim Smith, who is the JVSG representative. During the discussions with Jim, he has given us the step-by-step procedure they do to get the property owner to settle the account. They make phone calls, send letters, etc. They complete the whole admin procedure in an effort to make a collection of the debt. Jeanette said that when this proposal becomes more finalized, their procedures will be included before we have to vote on this recommendation. Bill questioned the last sentence of the contract, which reads, "Further JVSG has full and complete authority to receive funds, transfer funds and deposit funds on behalf of the Client." Bill feels that this statement is too broad and gives them authority to the Association's accounts. Larry recommends that we establish a separate account to handle these cases. Bill is concerned about the ability to "transfer funds." Bob suggested that our lawyer review the wording of that section to see if it does need to be rewritten for clarity.

VI. Late Fee Increase Recommendation. Rob said the Association is currently charging a $10 late fee for individuals who do not pay their dues on time. They have until the 25th of the month to pay. Several wait three months before they pay their dues. We feel that if we raise it to $25 dollars, this might persuade them to pay their dues on time and on a regular basis. Larry made the motion to raise the late fee to $25 dollars. Jeanette seconded the motion. The motion passed.


VII. Aerifier Purchase Recommendation. It is recommended that we purchase the John Deere Aerifier. Rob said that it allows play on the golf course a lot quicker than the old one. It does a better job and it does not take as long to allow play to resume. We budgeted $400 and the cost of this machine is $399.58 for a five year note. Three bids were obtained and the John Deere is the least expensive. Bob asked if this was a "capital" expense. Rob said it is not but he will check to see if it should be a capital expense. Jeanette made the motion to obtain the aerifier. Larry seconded the motion. The motion passed.


VIII. New Golf Rules Recommendations. The Greens Committee recommended some changes to the golf rules. There are no drastic changes; the rules are similar to rules on other golf courses. The main issue is that we have decided to hire a part-time golf course marshal, who will start April 15. The main concern is repairing divots. So, it will be required that everyone has a sand container. That will not affect Silverleaf timeshare guests because they will be using rental carts, which have sand containers. Jeanette said that the rules will be placed on a placard and will hang from the rental carts, as you see on rental carts at other courses. Jeanette suggested to the GC that they put a set of rules in the timeshare units, so the guests will be aware of the rules and penalties. Rob said that the rules were defined more than changed. Rob said that a disciplinary committee was also set-up. So, if someone has a complaint, they have a committee to raise their issues. Jeanette added that the salary for the marshal is coming out of the already budgeted salary for a golf assistant. Carl included this position in his budget, but the assistant moved. So, that money will be used for the marshal's salary. The marshal's salary will not take the entire budgeted amount. Bill was concerned about occasional golfers knowing the rules. Rob said that the main rules broken are the 90 degree rule and repairing your divots. Jeanette said that Clayton will mark off 50 yards from the greens with paint, so it will be obvious if you are breaking that rule. Jeanette said that every property owner will get a copy of the rules and penalties. They will be posted on the website and with Belinda Flowers. Jeanette said she mentioned at the Open B Board meeting that people need to raise their concerns and suggestions to the organization to which they belong. If they are a WGA member, they can bring up issues concerning these rules at the monthly meeting. From there the President of the WGA will take them to the GC for consideration. Same would be for the 9-holers and MGA. Those who do not belong to one of these organizations can raise them to the officers of the GC or to Carl. Jeanette also suggested that the rules and penalties be given to the realtors because they lease or rent homes to people who may play golf. They can give the rules to the renters so they will be aware of them. Bill made the motion that we accept the rules and penalties recommendations from the Greens Committee. Larry seconded the motion. The motion passed.

IX. RV Parking Recommendations. Some homeowners who live by Lake Greenbriar complained about RVs parking near the boat ramp. The concern was that some were staying in the RVs overnight. One of the recommendations is for the Association to put up a sign at the Lake Greenbriar parking lot, which states that no RVs can be parked there. Larry made the motion that we accept this recommendation. Bill seconded the motion. The motion passed.


There was no further business. Motion was made by Jeanette to adjourn the meeting. Larry seconded the motion. The motion passed.

The meeting was recorded, cataloged by number 032508 and available in the office of the administrative assistant by appointment only. The summary of the meeting is submitted by Jeanette L. Sterner, Secretary of the Board of Directors.

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