7-Flags Under Texas Amusement Parks Pick HHLR Site


DATELINE: Hawkins, Texas

Amusement park builder, 7-Flags Under Texas, announces ground breaking ceremony Tuesday, April, 1, 2008 for a giant amusement park center near Hawkins and Holly Lake Ranch, Texas.

It is projected that the mammoth facility will open for business April 1, 2010, according to the developer, who modestly claims this entertainment facility is destined to put us on the map.

California Dreamin'

The California firm has picked Holly Lake Ranch for this huge venture from stiff competitive bids offered up by five other Texas communities.

The site is south of Holly Lake Ranch on a 200 acre site just off highway FM2869, near the Ozaka Water facility.

Information received before press time was that 7-Flags Under Texas would employ some 350 people in phase one of the projected building project, and numbers were expected to more than double in phase two of the operation.

Architectural plans show, in detail, parachute and bungee drops and one of the largest roller coasters in the Southwest, again according to the developer.

A fifty-acre heavily wooded plot has been reserved strictly for paint-ball enthusiasts who are into shooting live Homo sapien prey.

The Holly Lake Chamber of Commerce expects other businesses will be attracted to the area because of the high volume of traffic the park will generate.

Feeders and heifers

It has been rumored that restaurant giant, Hooters, is contemplating a 250 seat capacity restaurant on the shores of 75-acre lake man made lake.

This reservoir will also provide water for the 7-Flags slide park and log flume ride, nearby.

On the opposite side of the lake from the Hooters will be a marina with facilities for motor craft and fishing paraphernalia. .

Fish and chips

The multimillion dollar marina plans to have a 150 ft. "T" shaped lighted pier with an air-conditioned and heated fishing barge for anglers 24-7, year round.

Also in the works are plans for a large pavilion with picnic tables and barbeque pits for daytime picnickers.

The planned 7-Flags Under Texas RV Park nearby is projected to accommodate more than 100 motorhomes, travel-trailers and tent campers with full hookups year round.

Opening day festivities on April 1, 2009 are to have country entertainer Garth Brooks along with the Dixie Chicks and other musical celebrities whose names were not available at press time.

(Sad Note: Buck Owens and the Buckeroos will not be in attendance due to the death of "Old Buck" and the subsequent alleged break up of the Buckeroos)

Give us a "D"

The starting line-up from the Dallas Cowboys along with the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders will also be on hand for the grand opening.

Governor Rick and Mrs.Anita Perry have committed to bringing the University of Texas "Eye's of Texas" marching band for the event.

Ag ‘em Gigges

The president of Texas A & M has insisted upon equal time so the "Gig ‘em Aggie" band will also be in attendance and will challenge the University of Texas to a battle of the bands, Texas style.

It was not known at press time whether or not the 7-Flags Super Dome indoor arena with ice skating rink and basketball court would be completed in time for opening day, but if so the Dallas Mavericks will go head to head with the Los Angeles Lakers for a benefit game with the funds going to benefit Katrina victims of 2005.

This writer apologizes for the sketchy details, as we go to press on April 1, 2008, but you work with what you have in this business.

So until next time, this is your old pal Marvo wishing all my friends at Hawkins & Holly Lake Ranch and around the world a giant HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY 2008.

Yippee-doodle, Yee-haw and Yahoo, Y'all.
Happy trails to you and yours until we meet again, next Aprils Fools Day 2009.
Marvo on the Ranch @ Holly Lake

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