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Hawkins ISD Board of Trustees

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Board creates trainer job; Surplus auction authorized

 Meeting in special session Monday, March 10, trustees of the Hawkins Independent School District voted 5-to-2 to establish a full-time athletic trainer position, then voted 5-to-2 to not renew an agreement with Trinity Mother Frances that would have provided an athletic trainer to the district. The board also reauthorized the school nurse position and approved a search for an assistant band director.

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Keith Cook said current athletic trainer Niki Whitener, who came to Hawkins through the Trinity Mother Frances program has always performed "above and beyond the call of duty." Cook said he realized the decision to take on the financial obligation of a trainer as an employee rather than a contractor is a tough decision for the administration and the board, but he recommended that they do so.

Melissa Gattis, mother of three student/athletes and Madison Gattis, a senior student/athlete both spoke in favor of hiring Whitener. Mrs. Gattis said Whitener has been a "huge asset" to the sports program while her daughter said Whitener was an "excellent trainer and a professional with great one-on-one skills."

The cost difference in continuing with a renewal of the TMF contract would be very near $20,000 per year with employee benefits and other cost considerations. Whitener has served the district as athletic trainer since the board first entered into an agreement with Trinity Mother Frances (TMF) two years ago. Through the agreement TMF assigns a trainer to the district and provides access to other TMF health care professionals and facilities. TMF picked up the salaries and benefits of the trainers. In that initial two year contract the cost to the district was $7,200. The contract offered this year was essentially the same, but the cost to the district would be increased to $8,876.

The board approved the establishment of the trainer position. Trustees Ed Tunnell and Clayton Atteberry voted against establishing the new trainer position and against the motion to drop the agreement with Trinity Mother Frances.

The board also dealt with two other personnel matters. They approved the hiring of an assistant band director, whether full-time or part-time and the hiring of a nurse, either a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed visiting nurse (LVN). The band program has a total of 166 students this year with 52 of the participants being fifth grade students, most of whom are being taught a musical instrument for the first time. The state and federal governments are placing more medically related mandates on school districts, and there are more students with acute medical conditions requiring acute medical care.

A lengthy discussion ensued about a list of surplus equipment which included a number of pieces of equipment from the training facilities. Trustee Edwin Simmons insisted that seven pieces of equipment, Universal Exercise and Fitness machines, be reassessed and removed from the list. Items that were approved for auction or other means of disposal include three busses, two vans, a pickup, 110 computers and monitors, desks and chairs, wood shaper, air compressor and other miscellaneous items. It was suggested that the district offer to the city and to Hawkins Youth Sports Foundation some surplus playground equipment, two adjustable basketball goals and two basketball backboards for use at the HYSF Park.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the HISD Board of Trustees is Monday, April 7, 2008 at 7:00 PM. Stay tuned.

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