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Letters to Editor

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No 19th Hole
Now the new operators of the Holly Lake Ranch restaurant have had a few weeks to iron out their initial operating problems it is apparent that what used to be a 19th Hole that supported the golf course is now the smoking section of the ForeSeasons. Overall I have heard mostly positive comments about the food quality and service and hope this good operation continues. I do not blame John and Melissa as they can operate their restaurant to cater to non-golfers, if that is what they feel is best for their business. I blame the B-Board and Rob James for negotiating a contract that does not explicitly define hours of operation to support the golfers that pay a majority of the cost of the golf course and will also support the 19th Hole if it is open during hours that will permit their support.
I have played at many municipal and private golf courses and the 19th Hole is always open early enough to permit breakfast before playing golf. That is not available here. Also after tournaments the 19th Hole is always open for drinks and snacks. That is not available here. Therefore, we no longer have a 19th Hole, Just a smoking section for the ForeSeasons. Hopefully a new B-Board will correct this poor management decision.


Jack Mills


In reference to Bill Orrender's timely and informative response to the A/B board meeting minutes in the last Gazette, I have questions!! Holly Lake Ranch Homeowners Association By-Laws state:

By Laws, Article II, Section 1 (a) Class "A" Membership. Ascension Resorts, Limited, and its successor(s) in interest shall be appointed the sole Class "A" membership by the Board of Directors. 8/28/03

By Laws, Article II, Section 2 - Voting Rights. The Class "A" member shall be entitled at all times to a total number of votes which exceeds the total number of class "B" member votes by ten (10) votes. Each Class "B" member shall be entitled to one (1) vote per member, not per lot in the Holly Lake Ranch Subdivision. Each member shall be entitled to cast his votes on any matter presented for the vote of the members.

If I understand the minutes from the last combined A/B Board meeting, the A Board voted against the amendment to the By-laws whereby Holly Lake Homeowners would have input and right to vote on any expenditure or amenity to the Ranch costing over $100,000. And by virtue of the A Board having more votes than the Homeowners, the A Board can do or build ANYTHING the A Board wants.

Soooo, what's to say that the A Board might want to build, lets say, a water park, drag racing strip, ice skating rink, minor league ball park, etc. and stick the cost to the Homeowners, much like was done with the restaurant? A little far-fetched - maybe - but the Developer (Mead) is a business person and he is going to do/build what benefits the timeshares. That is how he makes money.

I want to know what was meant when Levy said "as long has Silverleaf has an investment here at Holly Lake, Silverleaf will not consider relinquishing control of the operation of Holly Lake Ranch to the homeowners". I guess we don't even need a B Board because the Developer will always "control" what we do here, what we pay here and how we live here.

Helloooo Holly Lakers. Just because the majority of us are retired, we should not be putting our heads in the sand. Wake up and smell the writing on the wall. This is the way dictatorships started in other countries. Hmmmmmm the analogy is not too far off the mark.

Ann Reynold, Holly Lake Ranch.


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