Fore Season Dining Experience

 Last Saturday night, my wife and I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary, and instead of making the 80 mile RT trek into Tyler or Longview, we decided on the Four Seasons Restaurant on the Ranch. Our waitress was Chelsea Stevenson who lives on the Ranch with her grandparents. She was fantastic and we made a new friend.

Annette had a fish dish, Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia, which she loved. Oh yes, we began with the coconut shrimp appetizer and a glass of wine, followed by Annette's salad and my potato soup. (I remembered Marvo's letter raving about it in a recent Gazette.) Both were great.

My entre was the small filet (6 oz.) and it was one of the best pieces of meat I have had in a long time. The potato medley was about a 5, but the steak was so good, I didn't care. Next time I will choose a loaded Baked Potato, which is the normal steak paring anyway. We concluded our meal with a coffee and a tasty bread pudding for dessert.

Both of the owners came by our table to check on our satisfaction during the meal, which was a nice touch. Total $60 with tip. We will be back! W.C.


In a recent column, I lobbied for a "turn around drop off" by criticizing the golf cart ride up and down the hill. Several folks thought ill of me for the Golf Cart attack, not realizing my point was intended to be a car -turn-around-drive concept. It was carelessly worded and I hope this clarifies what was I was thinking. W.C.


Recently you have received subscription mailers from this newspaper and your response has been beyond our wildest hopes. We have literally been flooded with new subscribers and renewals. Many of the renewals were from people who had just forgotten to send in their check and the mailer was a good reminder. Remember, each Gazette has a date on the address label on the front page, bottom right. That date is the last issue you have paid for. When you renew, we add onto the old ending date W.C.


Don't miss the Global Warming piece (another Ice- Age) appearing later in this issue. You will know you are there if Al Gore's picture is nearby, with Tipper. What other newspaper would bring you this? W.C.


We are publishing a supposed "interview", to the right, between a supposed reporter from a TV station in Houston and an illegal (Juan) taking part in a protest. I decided to run it because I have heard interviews myself on several occasions where some TV person was asking protesters the same types of questions. Have patience with our attempt to develop an idea. W.C.

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